Patricia Maher for New York State Assembly District 21


Pat Maher for State Assembly 

June 25, 2024

Only Fill in the Oval for Pat Maher for State Assembly 


About Pat Maher

I am the democrat in the 21st Assembly District that will win in 2024. I am an 18-year

democratic committeewoman and the former Vice-President of the Baldwin Democratic

Club and founding board member of the newly revived club formed in 2023. I won two

Democratic primaries.  I came an inch close to winning a local legislative seat. I have a Juris

Doctor degree from Touro Law School and an LL.M. in health law and policy from Hofstra

University Law School. I also worked as an extern in the United States Attorney’s Office

researching laws on controlled substances and habeas corpus petitions.


I will campaign harder than my democratic opponent and I need your help. When I win the

democratic primary, my Republican opponent will have a war-chest in the bank. If you

spread your donations around it is a better strategy to help democrats win .


About this Race and My Democratic Opponent

My Democratic Opponent is Griffin, from Rockville CentreGriffin is backed by the party boss. 

This year, there was no convention, the party boss chose the candidates.  They took my vote and yours away, but they can’t take our vote away at the Ballot Box on June 25, 2024. 

·    FILL in the Circle For MAHER ONLY on the BALLOT for Assembly


Petition Process Griffin

Maher walked door to door to witness signatures herself.  As a witness you sign the petition sheets of voters that signed before you.  You must witness their signatures if you sign the sheet.  

Pat Maher looked through Griffin’s petitions and found petition sheets with Griffin’s signature as a witness but voter’s say she was not at their door. Thats cheating –among other things. It’s is another reason why Griffin should not be an Assemblywoman.

Why I am running

I am running to be your local voice in Albany, addressing housing issues, taxes, the condition of our road and also because women's rights and human rights across the country are being reversed. When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade declaring that the constitutional right to abortion no longer existed, we were all in shock. I will work with Federal Legislators to ensure that Roe v. Wade is codified into law and New York State will forever be protected. 

´╗┐Student Debt Crisis

The student loan debt crisis effects 43 million Americans totaling $1.73 trillion dollars. We need corporate America to come on board to expand their hiring process by including a benefit package that includes direct payments to service providers to help students pay-down their debt. As an incentive the private sector would receive tax credits for their efforts. Other solutions include mandatory disclosure of the costs of a student's educational degree by universities prior to a student's start in college and increasing the Pell Grant limits.

While student debt disproportionately impacts those from under-represented groups, it effects everyone across the board.

Assault Weapon Ban

We also need a ban on all assault rifles which are weapons of mass destruction, and universal background checks. which are weapons of mass destruction, and universal background checks.

The Supreme Court on a 5-4 vote reinstated the Biden administration’s regulations on “ghost guns,” firearms assembled from kits without the usual serial numbers and background checks on purchasers.

Let’s not stop!  

Donate $5 $10 $50 or $100, $250, or whatever you can so I can get elected to the New York State Assembly and work to protect our familes. 

Donate whatever you can to keep our families safe.


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June 25, 2024, Vote in the Democratic Primary
for New York State Assembly District 21.