Patricia Maher for New York State Assembly District 21

A ghost gun on display at the White House as President Biden unveiled regulations last year.Credit...Kenny Holston for The New York Times

Vote Pat Maher for

New York State Assembly on

Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Only fill in the Oval for Pat Maher on the Ballot for New York State Assembly 


Please Donate $5 $10 $50 or $100- whatever you can give to help me get elected to pass Universal Background Checks.

The Supreme Court on a 5-4 vote reinstated the Biden administration’s regulations on “ghost guns,” firearms assembled from kits without the usual serial numbers and background checks on purchasers.


Common Sense Gun Safety Reforms


We need Universal Background Checks for Gun Owners


Let’s not stop!  

Donate $10, $50 or $100 or whatever you can so I can get elected as your next Assemblywoman from Baldwin I will work with federal legislators to make sure we have UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS for prospective gun owners.  This will ensure that no state can change the law and prospective gun owners cannot cross state lines and avoid the background check.  

Donate $10, $50, $100 or whatever you can to keep our families safe. 

Universal background checks are essential to close deadly loopholes in our laws that allow millions of guns to end up in the hands of individuals at an elevated risk of committing violence each year.

A dangerous gap in our gun laws allows individuals to buy guns without passing a background check. Under current law, unlicensed sellers—people who sell guns online, at gun shows, or anywhere else without a federal dealer’s license—can transfer firearms without having to run any background check whatsoever.

Because of this dangerous loophole, people who are subject to domestic violence convictions or court orders, people who have been convicted of violent crimes, and people ineligible to possess firearms for mental health reasons can easily buy guns from unlicensed sellers with no background check in most states. In fact, an estimated 22% of US gun owners acquired their most recent firearm without a background check1—which translates to millions of Americans acquiring millions of guns, no questions asked, each year.

When background checks are required and properly enforced, they can block illegal gun sales and keep deadly weapons out of the hands of people with the most significant histories of violence or irresponsible behavior. 

This is precisely why we need Universal Background Checks so people cannot transport guns into states, like New York, that have background check.  


As your next Assemblywoman, I will work with members of Congress to make we have federal legislation to ban assault weapons of mass destruction!

As your next Assemblywoman, I will fight to prohibit the manufacture, importation, distribution, selling, and offering for sale of assault weapons among them the AR-15, AK-47, M16 and M4.  I. Pat Maher will sponsor legislation to prohibit equipment that can turn weapons into assault-style firearms and semiautomatic weapons, with the exception for firearms intended for military or law enforcement use on the State Level.


“When I was a child, my mother never had to worry whether I would come home from school because school was a safe place, said Pat Maher.”  This is now a parent’s greatest fear all over the country.  A day does not go by that we do not hear about another mass shooting.  

 We hear about school and mass tragedies every week from gun violence.  There were six lives taken in Nashville in March of 2023, three of the victims were only 9 years old. There have been approximately 202 mass shootings in this country over the past year. 

It is crucial that all elected representatives pass a ban on assault weapons that voters of all walks of like across the country will support!   Partisan politics must be put aside. Our children must be put ahead of loyalty to gun manufacturers and lobbyists.

Assault weapons are used for violent mass shootings and must be removed from our streets.  However, if reinstituted now it would still leave millions of assault weapons in our communities for decades to come. We need new gun safety reforms laws to protect us all! 



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June 25, 2024, Vote in the Democratic Primary
for New York State Assembly District 21.